About AUBE's eyelash extensions


I am Yumi of AUBE
It is beautician

Asian eyelashes is face downward.

The eyelashes of Westerners are upwards.
Can not choose eyelash extensions design in Vietnamese spa.

It is not beautiful even if you attach an eyelash extension that suits Asians

Can choose your favorite eyelash design by counseling at AUBE.

And vietnam Eyelash extensions are dangerous

I am doing a beauty job for 10 years in Japan.

I have seen lashes of lots of people.

I can provide safe and trouble-free eyelash extensions

If you want to cherish eyelashes, please come to AUBE.

Extension is stuck in eyelid
This is very painful.
It should hurt every time you blink

This is cheap spa technology in vietnamese.

Japanese professionals are waiting for you.

Please come to AUBE once!
Women's beauty AUBE calme.
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