regenerating skin

EGF is a protein that humans possess.

At the time of discovery it was 1 gram, 80 million yen.

So it was used only for skin regeneration medicine.

EGF is highly evaluated because it has the effect of restoring the skin.

repair of burn wounds, transplantation of skin etc.
In the medical field.

EGF promotes the reproduction of the skin.

So solve various skin problems.
For example, spots, acne, rough skin, etc.

Now we can make it cheaply with advancement of technology.

EGF can now also be included in cosmetics.

AUBE CIEL shaving esthetic cream contains EGF.

While removing the old skin.
Put EGF on your skin and encourage reincarnation of the skin.

People with skin problems.
I'm afraid regeneration of your skin is not going smoothly.
When you experience it will surely notice the difference in your skin.

Please come if you are suffering from the skin.

A Estheticians with 10 years experience in Japan cures your skin.
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