Effect of shaving esthetic

Do you know shaving why shaving has spread in Japan since long ago?

Japanese facial hair is black and brown.

So can remove the facial hair and whiten it.

And that is not the only effect.

The cycle of rebirth of skin is 28 days.
But, beyond 20 years the cycle will be delayed.
Shaving can remove the exfoliation by and promote the cycle.

When the cycle returns, the skin gets young.
skin dullness.dull and rough.rough skin.symptoms of aging, such as wrinkles and spots.
Can eliminate skin troubles.

In Japan, there is a hospital that recommends facial shaving for acne treatment.
Shaving can remove old skin together.

cuticle is feed of acne bacteria .
So if you remove the exfoliation by shaving, the acne will decrease.

Can be in smooth as silk.

Can regain the moisture of the skin.

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