esthetic menu

Use a lot of oil to miximize friction.
It becom a smooth-textured skin.

 trial course         20minute      540.000vnd
(Makeup remover、Oil massage, seat mask)

refresh course     30minute      650.000vnd
(Makeup remover, peeling, oil massage, cups, moisturizing pack)

relax course         40minute      980.000vnd
(Makeup remover, peeling, oil massage, cups, moisturizing pack.Head massage, aging care cream)

luxury course       60minute    1.300.000vnd
(Makeup remover, enzyme peeling, oil massage, ultrasonic treatment,pore vacuum.packed to your skin)

lift up massage    30minute    1.100.000vnd
(Scalp lifting massage, makeup remover, lift up lymph massage, whitening, moisturizing pack.)

cassa massage      40minute    1.200.000vnd
(Lymphatic massage with rose quartz cassa.、puffy and swollen. got dark circles under your eyes.It is effective)

Ladies' Shaving Menu

Shaving  has the same effect as peeling.
Skin duiiness,dull and rough,rough skin,sympotms of aging such as wrinkles and spots.
Shaving can eliminate skin trouble.
Traditional Japanese beautiful skin making from ancient times in Japan.
Please try it by all means.

face shaving        45minute      500.000vnd
face.eyebrow shaving     60'     680.000vnd
lift up shaving                70'    1.570.000vnd
cassa shaving       75minute    1.680.000vnd

eyebrow wax        45minute      650.000vnd

nose Wax only                           640.000vnd
nose Wax                                   430.000vnd
(other menu and set)
partial nose Wax                      220.000vnd

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Women’s beauty AUBE calme.
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