Discover the Allure of Eyelash Extensions at VERUM EASTSIDE Beauty Studio in Hanoi

Hello everyone! Today, we would like to share with you the enchanting world of eyelash extensions available at VERUM EASTSIDE Beauty Studio, a Japanese-inspired beauty salon in Hanoi. Eyelash extensions are an essential item that adds sophistication and confidence to our overall appearance as women.
At VERUM EASTSIDE Beauty Studio, our team of experienced professionals provides high-quality eyelash extensions. From natural-looking enhancements to voluminous lashes, we can create designs tailored to your preferences. With meticulous attention to detail, each lash extension is applied individually, resulting in a flawless appearance that mimics natural lashes. Achieve a mesmerizing gaze as if magic has been cast upon your eyes!
Moreover, we only use carefully selected, high-quality products for our eyelash extensions. These products are hypoallergenic and guarantee long-lasting beauty without any allergic reactions or itchiness. They are also easy to maintain, ensuring that your lashes remain beautiful even after the salon treatment. So, even on busy days, you can continue to enjoy the confidence that comes with stunning eyelashes.
Besides the outstanding results, getting eyelash extensions at our salon is a relaxing and enjoyable experience. VERUM EASTSIDE Beauty Studio offers a cozy atmosphere and heartwarming service. By receiving the treatment in a relaxed state, you can temporarily escape from daily stress and savor this special time. Indulge in the faint background music and get enveloped in an atmosphere that exudes tranquility and comfort.
Eyelash extensions enrich and enhance your eyes, adding depth and allure to your overall look. We propose styles that match your personality and various occasions, ranging from a natural impression to a glamorous one. Let VERUM EASTSIDE Beauty Studio help you bring out the utmost beauty of your eyes. Embrace a vibrant and confident daily life with beautiful lashes! Come and experience the wonderful world of eyelash extensions at our salon. We assure you that you will be captivated by the results!
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Japanese Hair & Beauty Studio in Hanoi, Vietnam.
- Phone number: 024 3232 1328
- Address: Số 4 Liễu Giai, TID Office Building
- Opening hours:
  - Weekdays: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
  - Weekends: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
- Closed on the 1st and 3rd Monday, and every Tuesday.
- Closed on Monday and Tuesday
The front elevator of TID Office Building does not connect to our salon. Please use the elevator on B1 floor (half-basement bike parking area) to reach the 6th floor."


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